Concord-Carlisle Youth Lacrosse offers an instructional lacrosse program for which no prior experience is necessary. We concentrate on the development of individual skills and fundamental game concepts.
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Cascade R Helmet - Solution Available
All, If you still have not reconditioned your Cascade "R"...
CC at Play - Amazing Race!
CC Lacrosse is proud to support & partner with our friends at...
Volunteering to Help - We Need You!
Our program depends upon dedicated volunteers to be successful. ...
Cascade R Helmet - Solution Available


If you still have not reconditioned your Cascade "R" Helmet, please do so immediately, as you will not be able to take the field without the update.

Brine's Sporting Goods will assist you with the process.

Step 1: Go to and they will walk you thru the steps needed to get a return label.

Step 2: Bring both the return label & helmet to Brine's Sporting Goods, and they will box it up and return it for you. Please note that Brine's cannot help you if you do not have a return label.

Step 3: Brine's Sporting Goods will contact you when the helmet is returned/reconditioned. This process will take approximately two weeks, so please do not wait and create a situation that is easily avoidable.

Again, US Lacrosse, CC Youth Lacrosse, Town Pride League and US Lacrosse Officials all will not allow you to take the field without the update, as the helmet will not meet NOCSAE standards.

See you on the fields.

CC Boys Lacrosse Coaches



Cascade Lacrosse has reached an agreement with the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) on a solution for the recently decertified Cascade R helmet.

The solution will involve a simple modification to Cascade R helmets currently in the marketplace. NOCSAE has accepted the solution. Cascade's data confirms the helmet, as modified by this solution, meets NOCSAE certification standards. For NOCSAE certification purposes, the modified helmet is treated as a new model, identified as the Cascade R-M, although it will continue to be marketed by Cascade under the Cascade R name. Moving forward all newly manufactured Cascade R-M helmets will be certified as meeting the NOCSAE standards. A tamper-resistant sticker will be placed on all modified helmets as well as on newly manufactured Cascade R-M helmets to differentiate them from non-certified Cascade R models. Model R helmets that have not been ofifcially modified by Cascade do not meet NOCSAE standards and certification will remain void.

Cascade will make the modification to existing helmets at its Liverpool, N.Y. facility beginning December 16, 2014. The modification will be free of charge for consumers and retailers, including shipping.

"We are extremely pleased that Cascade and NOCSAE have reached an agreement to modify existing Cascade R helmets and put helmets back in play for our loyal customers," said Tim Ellsworth, Global Business Director, Cascade Lacrosse. "We have been working closely with NOCSAE and will work diligently to ensure that all Cascade R helmets returned are modified as quickly as possible. We thank everyone for their patience and support."

To fully reinstate the NOCSAE license, which was suspended in conjunction with the R model decertification, Cascade is cooperating with a review by NOCSAE of certification data for all of its models, and is having a third-party audit of Cascade's quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) processes.

Cascade is currently finalizing its own internal audit and expects the third-party QA/QC audit to be completed by December 18, 2014. NOCSAE will partially reinstate Cascade's license agreement for the production of new Cascade R-M helmets upon demonstratiion of satisfactory audit results for its QA/QC processes. The license agreement will be fully restored for other Cascade models upon demonstrating that such models certified by Cascade are supported by necessary data.

Cascade is also currently reviewing test results for all of its lacrosse helmets to ensure they meet both Cascade and NOCSAE standards.

Click HERE for More Information On Completing The Cascade R Modification Process

Thank you,

Cascade Lacrosse

by posted 02/25/2015
CC at Play - Amazing Race!

CC Lacrosse is proud to support & partner with our friends at CC at Play. Sign up for what is sure to be a great event!

The Amazing Race is Coming to Concord and Carlisle!

Grab some friends, create a team, or volunteer for this crazy amazing community event! Saturday, March 28th, CC at Play is hosting its first annual Amazing Race and Rockin’ After Party.  Sign-up now at for your chance to compete in this action-packed, scavenger hunt adventure, which is based on the hit CBS show “The Amazing Race”.  Teams can register in one of three categories; Adult/18+, Youth/Grades 6-12, and Kids/Grades K-5.

Not sure you want to race?  Then sign-up online to volunteer, participate in the Amazing U10 Tennis Play Day, or buy a ticket to the much anticipated Rockin’ After Party, which will go on sale February 14th at 1:00 PM.  

All proceeds from this fundraising event will benefit CC at Play, which was founded by local citizens with a shared belief that an active and engaged community is a strong community.  Together, they are working to restore, rebuild, and improve the high school athletic fields and park for all to use and enjoy.  Space is limited, so sign-up soon! Learn more at

by posted 02/06/2015
Volunteering to Help - We Need You!

Our program depends upon dedicated volunteers to be successful.  We need volunteer coaches, assistant coaches, team managers and others to help us manage a growing program.  You need not have lacrosse experience to volunteer.  If you are able to commit to one or more days per week let us know by reaching out to Brian Stout or Amy Field and we'll get you into the fastest growing game in the US.

by posted 01/16/2015
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Linking you children’s CCYL schedule to your Google Calendar and your Google Calendar Outlook Calendar and/or Blackberry or iPhone.

 As we get ready to move into the heart of the lacrosse season we would like to offer a few tips on how to keep track of all the practices and games. Many of you have multiple players on multiple different teams and leagues. To further complicate the situation, despite the hard efforts of many, events are added, changed or deleted throughout the season.

Click here to link the CCYL schedule to a Google Calendar and your Google Calendar Outlook Calendar and/or Blackberry or iPhone.

Once the CCYL and Google Calendars are linked, any changes to your child’s team calendar will automatically be reflected in your Google Calendar.

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