Concord-Carlisle Youth Lacrosse offers an instructional lacrosse program for which no prior experience is necessary. We concentrate on the development of individual skills and fundamental game concepts.
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A Great Tradition Continues!


“This was the best weekend of the season.” said CC goalie Benny Anastos.  Last weekend, Anastos and his 8th grade Concord Carlisle Youth Lacrosse teammates and coaches travelled to New York City to visit and play in a tournament with Frederick Douglas Academy (“FDA”), Harlem, NY.


For the fifth consecutive year, the 8th grade CC team departed Concord for the Big Apple early Friday morning, but the real journey began some eight years earlier when Simon Cataldo, a CCHS alum and former lacrosse player, started a middle school lacrosse program at FDA where he worked as a teacher. What began as a way to help connect with students and control his classroom, has now blossomed into a life-changing experience for hundreds of kids.


It’s difficult to imagine that Cataldo’s first team had just 11 players and 10 sticks.  With his guidance and a small army of volunteers and generous donors, the not-for-profit organization he coined Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership (“HLL”) is now serving eight schools in New York and Baltimore and more than 350 student-athletes. To play, participants must adhere to strict academic and behavioral guidelines.  To help ensure success, players are coached, tutored, and mentored by full-time coaches hailing from premier lacrosse programs throughout the country. 


Richard Gardner, an FDA player, mentioned to one of the CC coaches that “This program motivated me to do my best in school and to make the most of my life.”  Gardner is certainly true to his word as evidenced by his recent acceptance to one of the country’s top boarding schools, The Thacher School near Santa Barbara, CA, which has a 12% acceptance rate.


The transition from a low-income, inner-city middle school riddled with behavioral issues and high dropout rates, to a top-tier high school is a growing trend for HLL alums.  With more than $10 million in scholarships being granted since its formation, worthy students can find opportunities at some of the best schools in the country.  HLL alumni have continued their education with scholarship assistance to institutions including Bates College, Colby College, Connecticut College, Gettysburg College, Haverford College, Hobart College, Tufts University, the University of Virginia, and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. 


The CC players and coaches were enthusiastically greeted on Friday by a group of FDA coaches and players.  It was a reunion of sorts as numerous CC families have hosted these boys for years during the fall for the One Nation lacrosse tournament and summer for a week long lacrosse camp.  There were hearty greetings, smiles, and laughs all around.


Later that afternoon, the CC players got a glimpse of an FDA student’s day as they attended classes and participated in a lacrosse practice - FDA style.  Middie, Cole Pascucci, was impressed with the school, saying "That was one of the best English classes I ever attended - really amazing!” Fields are difficult to come by in Harlem but FDA makes the best of it by practicing on small handball courts.  That didn’t seem to bother the boys any nor did the rain as they enthusiastically participated in a fast paced, two hour session.


From there, CC and their FDA teammates had a fun-filled dinner at Harlem Shake. With music cranking, the teams enjoyed some fantastic burgers, shakes, and fries together.  The CC boys then travelled to Times Square for a little sight seeing and good night’s sleep.


The teams boarded the bus again early Saturday morning to play a couple of games against two Rye, NY teams.  CC and FDA combined teams and played some excellent lacrosse. 


Jack Bowen, a CC attackman, has hosted players from Harlem for four years and was excited to reunite with his FDA friends for the weekend. “We had a ton of fun!” he said. “They might not have a fancy school or turf fields, but the kids are great and their coaches really know how to encourage each player to be his best.”


The NCAA reported in 2015 that lacrosse is the fastest growing college sport in the country and, with excellent programs like HLL, there are no boundaries.


by posted 05/16/2016
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